Starting a New Garden

Lettuce when we want it

We have recently started a lettuce garden in a new AeroGarden. We have had an older model for quite some time. We are looking forward to having a couple of salads a week off the garden once it has had a chance to grow. Lettuce can always be grown outside, but there can be temperature problems. Here that typically means too hot in the summer, but occasionally winter steps in as well,In the above picture are pepper leaves in the foreground and a rarer that I would like snow visible out the window in the background. Originally this AeroGarden was focused on growing lettuce but then I discovered the usefulness of Jalapeno peppers.

Our last attempt to grow peppers hit a snag when they didn’t sprout properly. They came up, but they grew much slower than they should (one of them only came up about 6 inches). Their leaves also looked a bit funny. We are hoping the problem is that the garden was not cleaned out well enough after the previous set of peppers, so we are going to try again soon with another batch, and fresh fertilizer just in case.