Watch Your Windows 10 Settings

A problem with the semiannual content packs is settings changes

TheĀ semiannual updates to Windows 10 have good points and bad points. They tend to come with new features, which depending on your interests can be a very good thing. They also come with problems, and I am not talking about the bugs which come standard in any new software.

The biggest problem I have with the updates is that settings are changed. I initially had problems with Bluetooth on my computer. Windows was turning the device off and forgetting about it. In diagnosing a problem, I discovered that my motherboard, targeted at all operating systems and not just Windows, wasn’t compatible with Fast Startup in the configuration I was forced to use. (The Windows focused mode didn’t like the SSD I was using). To avoid issues with improper shutdowns, I turned fast startup off. During my debugging I did a manual Windows Update in case the problem had been fixed in the update. It triggered that Spring’s Creators Update. After it installed, the error messages were back. The update, without any notification, had turned fast startup back on.

AsĀ a result of this, I looked through the various settings I have customized on my computer. This Spring’s problem was with the lock screen. While some of these changes are deliberate, other changes appear to be random. The important point is, while enjoying any new features you like, make sure that your settings have not been changed before they cause problems.