The Bees Will Not Be Happy

It was their favorite tree, but it had to go

This flowering cherry has been in our front yard every since we moved here. Each spring it would bloom profusely much to the delight of the local bees. With the tree and its blooms on their mind, they were fairly oblivious to anything else. Unfortunately, the tree itself was near the end of its lifespan. The first few years were great, but lately, it has not been putting on as much of a show. There are several other old cherries in the neighborhood and they have also been declining as of late.

The other problem with the tree is some damage to the trunk. Every year it seems to tip over just a little bit more. It is getting very difficult to mow under (a self propelled walk behind seems to be the only efficient way).

Last summer it lost it leaves very early, long before fall so we knew that its days were numbered. Early this spring, we had it cut down but plan to find a new flowering tree of some variety to take its place (and make the bees happy again).